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In addition to this blog and my personal essay publications, I work as a freelance writer and editor. I love writing about parenting and family dysfunction and have extensive experience writing and editing environmental policy and urban planning documents. Plus, I write fabulous resumes and cover letters and do speaking engagements!

Writing Services

Looking for someone to create content for your blog? Update your organization’s correspondence or report templates? Draft a fresh and fierce resume and cover letter?

I’ve written blog posts for magazines and non-profits, drafted client correspondence and summaries of research findings for Seattle-based law and environmental firms, updated staff report templates for local governments, and have a 70% call-for-interview success rate for clients who hired me to write their resumes and cover letters.

Editing Services

Do you have a large document—an annual report, master plan, proposed regulations, complex memo or brief—that needs to be reviewed for clarity, readability, and internal consistency?

I provide general editing and proofreading services. With prior scheduling, most documents can be reviewed and returned within 24-36 hours.


Need a speaker for your next conference? Want to spice up your next staff meeting with an inspiring session on how to increase job satisfaction? Could your employees use a writing skills bootcamp? Would your students be more engaged in your personal narrative and memoir writing unit if they heard from a working writer?

While most of my presentations are intended for working professionals, I do have a memoir and personal narrative presentation geared specifically to middle school and high school students.

There’s No Place Like Work (60 minutes)

no place like workThe world is full of big problems that need solving. Demands are high; staffing remains low. The result is pressure for increased productivity and innovation from each employee. This lecture explores exciting cognitive and behavioral science research findings about simple (and fun!) ways to increasing employee productivity, creativity and satisfaction:

Did you know that allowing employees to view a humorous YouTube video has been proven to improve productivity?  Do you know about the two-minute rule?  The 20-second rule?  (Hint: they have nothing to do with the amount of time food is allowed to stay on the floor).

Sharper, Stronger, Smarter: Writing tips (60 minutes)

writing tipsMost working professionals aren’t English majors but still do lots of writing. Writing with clear, concise and compelling language matters. There are a few tips and tricks that can transform writing from fine to fabulous, and that’s what this presentation is all about. This session covers: 1) common writing errors and how to avoid them 2) tips for stronger writing and 3) proven ways to sharpen your proofreading skills.

Ethics Do’s and Don’ts for Planners (90 minutes)

ethicsThe AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is a compelling read. The “principles to which we aspire” sections are enough to make even an old, jaded planner feel young again. Why is it, then, that ethics sessions at planning conferences so often turn this fascinating topic into ninety minutes to be endured?  This 90 minute session is intended to cover all the material necessary to inoculate the audience with precisely 1.5CM worth of ethics in a way that is fun, engaging and memorable. This session is the spoon full of sugar needed to help the medicine go down.

Memoir and Personal Narrative Writing (50 minutes)

memoir writingThis session can be tailored to the needs of the class but focuses on either event-based personal narrative or theme-based memoir writing. It includes ideas and exercises for generating writing material, tricks for overcoming writer’s block, a discussion of what makes a good narrator, and read-aloud samples of how to make the mundane meaningful.

I had the chance to participate in Kristina Cerise’s writing presentation/workshop. The students and I received many techniques on writing a quality memoir. We also learned techniques for overcoming writer’s block, stimulating creativity, and developing characters. The tools that she provides are invaluable to writers and teachers that are working on improving the quality of their writing. She had ideas that I had never seen before.

—Mateo Fontana, M. Ed.