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BWCI was honored to be included in the 6th Annual Ballard Writers Collective celebration where I  read The Truth About Writing.

It was a lie of omission, but still a lie. I told her class the truth about having written, but I didn’t really tell them the truth about writing.

MMCDYou can read my story about a backyard goat invasion in the early days of having a second child as well as humorous and heartfelt reflections on motherhood and (lack of) sleep from dozens of other writers in Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness (second edition).

I stumbled to the door, bleary eyed, only to be greeted by our backyard neighbor saying something about goats in my yard. “I’m sorry, but now is not a good time for me,” I responded politely.

stratusMy personal narrative about divorce dynamics is included in the latest edition of Stratus: Journal of Arts and Writing, published by the University of Washington.

The Cowboy was the conductor of our dysfunctional symphony. His boots were his baton and we followed their rhythm.  Largo: slow and dignified. Vivace: fast and lively.  Our roles and responsibilities adapted to match his whims. Come. Go. Stomp. Stay.

If you haven’t already discovered Brain, Child Magazine, you are missing out. Some of the essays I wrote for Brain, Child are linked below.

cracks in sidewalkCracks in the Sidewalk: Urban Children and Nature – Lessons learned on bumpy sidewalks.

The Whole Truth – whole truthThe long shadows of a father’s absence.


backpack hall of fameThe Backpack Hall of Fame – The transforming power of backpacks.

mom i used to beThe Mom I Used to Be – Sometimes the mom I used to be shakes her head at the mom I have become.

kissing frogsWhat I Want to Teach My Daughter About Kissing Frogs – The importance of getting in (and out) of relationships.


My essay “The ‘S’ Word” received Honorable Mention in the 2014 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition (Global Humor category).


5 thoughts on “Beyond the Blog

  1. Just had to say that I really enjoyed your viewpoint in this month’s Planning Magazine – ‘advocates for compact living in exchange for protecting the world’s remaining wild places’ – spot on and hope my son also comes to understand why his suburban raised parents have chosen to live downtown. Thank you for the wonderful piece.

  2. Hi Kristina. Sorry I’m posting this on your blog but I wasn’t sure how else to get in touch with you. I really enjoy your writing and wanted to ask if you’d like to participate in a Blog Hop I’m doing in a few weeks. Basically you write a post answering four questions about why you write, then ask three other bloggers to do the same a week after you. You feature head shots and bios of the blogger who invited you (me) and the three others you ask. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll forward you the details. You can email me at

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