author picMy name is Kristina Cerise. I love my husband, my children, and my dictionary—mostly in that order. My love for Merriam and Webster may not be stronger than my love for my husband and children, but I’ve loved the dictionary duo longer.

I relish the revelation of an unexpected nuance in a word.

Take apprehensive, for example:

capable of understanding or quick to do so; discerning; having awareness or knowledge of something; viewing the future with anxiety or alarm

I’d used apprehensive as a synonym for nervous for years before I discovered it was so much more. It captures both a sense of understanding and a sense of alarm. It’s essentially well-informed panic. Apprehensive was my go-to word on the day I sent my first born to kindergarten.

On occasion, my beloved dictionary lets me down. There are some words even Merriam and Webster can’t quite capture, like love. Or longing. But, no definition is more inadequate than the definition of mother: a female parent.

There’s no mention of stretch marks, sleep deprivation, or cracked nipples. No nod to carpools, laundry, or sack lunches. No warning about boogers, projectile vomit, or the stomach-dropping worry you’re doing it wrong. There’s no heads up that laughter will forever be accompanied by a little bit of pee.

While technically true, the definition of mother rings false because of all the things Merriam and Webster left out. So, I set out to try to find words that capture the nitty-gritty moments that make up the whole.

Some of my stories will have you nodding along. Others won’t. That’s okay. Millions of women with unique backgrounds, priorities, gifts and talents all share the same title – Mother.

These are my stories. No doubt you have your own.

I hope you tell them.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog. That’s too funny we both rap about laundry and I was preparing my next entry on my recently baked blackberry pie (not posted yet), I realized we both must have great minds because we both think alike apparently lol!

  2. Found your blog via Brain, Child this morning – glad to have found another kindred spirit in this mothering, writing, making sense of the mess!

  3. Hi Kristina,

    I just read your article in the Planning magazine (January 2014). I really enjoyed it because I have also chosen to live in the city with my family. We do not have a backyard, but we think of our city as such. We often visit the parks, library, museums, and other amenities near us, with many within walking distance from our home. I really appreciate planners like you who have embraced the urban lifestyle/compact living, and demonstrate (rather than just preach about) how it can be done.

    If you are interested, check out my articles at: http://losangeles.urbdezine.com/author/clementlau/ Here’s a link to my recent article on Downtown L.A.: http://losangeles.urbdezine.com/2013/10/11/celebrating-downtown-los-angeles/


    1. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Your downtown highlights article is especially timely for us as we are planning a visit to Mickey in a few weeks and are looking for other outings in the area.

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