My name is Kristina Cerise.  I love my husband, my children, dictionaries, and the Oxford comma – mostly in that order.

Often the definition of a word brings out a nuance or depth I didn’t know existed.  But, sometimes my beloved dictionary lets me down.  There are some words even Webster isn’t capable of capturing.  “Mother” is by far the worst definition I’ve found so far:

MOTHER: (noun) a female parent

No mention of stretch marks, sleep deprivation or cracked nipples.  No mention of carpools, sack lunches or shoe tying.  No mention of boogers or pre-chewed food.  No mention of laughter or worry.

While technically true, Webster’s definition rings false because of the things omitted.

Obviously, part of the struggle is that there are different versions of motherhood.  For me, motherhood is defined in moments.  This blog is my attempt to find words that capture the moments.  Some of my experiences and observations will be universal enough for you to nod along.  Others won’t.

And, that’s okay.  Millions of women with unique backgrounds, priorities, gifts and talents all share the same title – Mother.

This blog is my story.

I wanted a way to capture the moments that make up the years. Mothering brings different things on different days and I wanted to try to capture some of those things in words so that I could remember the marvelous and the minutia years from now when time has dulled the sharp edges of the joy, doubt, and exhaustion of this season of my life.

No doubt you have your own story.

Let’s enjoy the chapters we share and accept the ones we don’t.