Love, Marriage, and Other Options


This week has seen more than its share of conversations about love and marriage at our house. Daughter (6) and Son (8) approach the topic from different perspectives, as you will see in the transcripts below.


Daughter: I want to marry Daddy.

Me: Daddy’s taken. He’s my husband.

Daughter: Awww, but I want to marryhim.

Me: You could marry someone just like Daddy—someone kind and funny and smart.

Daughter: And handsome.

Me: Yes, and handsome.

Daughter: OK. I’ll do that.


Daughter: Once, when I was younger, I knew exactly what I wanted my husband to look like.

Me: You did?

Daughter: Yep. And, one day I saw him walking in Downtown Seattle. But, he was walking with a woman and I was like, “Hey, that lady took my husband!”


Daughter: I want to marry someone with a good hairstyle.

Me: Is that the only thing that matters?

Daughter: Well, I want him to be nice too.

Me: That’s important.

Daughter: Yeah. If he was super nice it would be okay if he didn’t have a good hairstyle.


Son: How do you ditch someone?

Husband: What do you mean?

Son: You know, like stop being their boyfriend…

Husband: Do you mean “break up”?

Son: I guess…

Husband: Well, you usually just talk about how you don’t think things are working out.

Son: What exactly do you say?


3 thoughts on “Love, Marriage, and Other Options

  1. Do you ever wonder if they really know more than we do and are testing us?! These kids (yours, for the sake of this article) are asking (and answering) the utmost bottom line questions. More about being honest and upfront. You are great parents for this!

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