Meet Hecate

purple bearRick Riordan has changed things around here.

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series transformed Son into an eight-year-old boy who would rather read than have screen time. The Heroes of Olympus series transformed him into someone who made sure to have his allowance in his pocket if we were passing within the vicinity of Secret Garden Books.

And, the changes go beyond reading enthusiasm. Before Percy Jackson, the stuffed animals in our house had names like Big Dog, Little Cow and Purple Bear. Now, a large number of formerly plain-named creatures have been christened with names like Poseidon, Hecate, Zeus and Hephaestus.

My children have spent the last two hours in their room acting out complex scenarios and battles at Camp Triple Blood. That’s right. Camp Triple Blood: where kids that are a combination of human, Greek god, and animal go for the summer. I’m really hoping my children don’t ask too many questions about the specifics of how three people would mate to create the campers for this imagined camp.

If they do, I’ll be asking Rick Riordan to make a house call and clean up this delightful, inventive mess he made.


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