Wordy Wednesday

Dani shapiroI embrace Wednesdays in my own way. In lieu of a photo, I offer you this random collection of other people’s words that impacted me this week as well as a handful of new words I added to my vocabulary.

Other People’s Words

This week, I’m reading Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place by Terry Tempest Williams. Her writing is poetic and insightful. Here’s just one example of a passage I loved:

…denial lies. It protects us from the potency of a truth we cannot yet bear to accept. It takes our hands and leads us to places of comfort. Denial flourishes in the familiar. It seduces us with our own desires and cleverly constructs walls around us to keep us safe….

Ever since I read Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing, I’ve been returning again and again to this passage:

…We do not write out of the incoherent flame. Nor do we write out of the smoke. We wait until the ash is cool. It contains much of the matter within it that caused the flame, the smoke. Only now we can touch it. We can stick our finger into it. We can mold it at will. Now we can observe it. Now it is ours…

Words I Had to Ask Webster About

  • Fey: marked by an otherworldly air or attitude
  • Precocial: capable of a high degree of independent activity from birth

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