The Stoop

red house crop

STOOP: a porch, platform, or entrance stairway at a house door 

The function of the front stoop

was not proportionate to its size

Forty square feet, and yet

a port of entry

a place of commerce

and the site of historic partings

Brown banister smoothed by hands

and the feet

of those with forgotten \keys

or unapproved midnight excursions

Offering the needed boost

to the always ajar bedroom window

just above the lower roof

The stoop didn’t judge

it just offered assistance

to hands and feet in need

Red floor boards were dented

with the steps of salesmen

religious zealots

girl scouts

and local elementary students

peddling wrapping paper for library books

That stoop witnessed goodnight kisses

that should have been but weren’t

and kisses that shouldn’t have been but were

In the end

it was crossed more times in anger

than in love

The second to last step wiggled

from the stomp of angry cowboy boots

eventually rotting from exhaustion

having been stomped down one too many times

as he left for weeks




I wonder if the new owners realize

that sturdy new step

is a monument to love gone sour


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