Wordy Wednesday

WORDY: using or containing many (usually too many) words

I embrace Wednesdays in my own way. In lieu of a photo, I offer you this random collection of other people’s words that impacted me this week as well as a handful of new words I added to my vocabulary. I acknowledge that I am offering you less than the going exchange rate of 1,000 words per picture. Forgive me.

Other People’s Words

I’ve been plodding my way through Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp for the past few weeks and finally finished. It was assigned reading for my memoir class. I found the book relentless, but there’s no arguing that Knapp articulates important insights about both alcoholics and alcoholism:

…I’d created two versions of myself: the working version, who sat at the desk and pounded away at the keyboards, and the restaurant version, who sat at the table and pounded away at white wine. In between for five or ten minutes at a stretch, the real version would emerge: the fearful version, tense and dishonest and uncertain. I rarely allowed her to emerge for long. Work – all that productive, effective, focused work – kept her distracted and submerged during the day. And drink – anesthetizing and constant – kept her too numb to feel at night…

Alcohol travels through families like water over a landscape, sometimes in torrents, sometimes in trickles, always shaping the ground it covers in inexorable ways…

As a reprieve from assigned reading, I dove into Sue Monk Kidd’s absorbing novel The Invention of Wings. I was enjoying reading purely for pleasure so much that I failed to mark all the passages I loved. But here’s one:

…I saw then what I hadn’t seen before, that I was very good at despising slavery in the abstract, in the removed and anonymous masses, but in the concrete, intimate flesh of the girl beside me, I’d lost the ability to be repulsed by it. I’d grown comfortable with the particulars of evil. There’s a frightful muteness that wells at the center of all unspeakable things, and I had found my way into it…

Kidd also expanded my vocabulary with the words below.

Words I Had to Ask Webster About

  • Adroitness: skill, cleverness, resourcefulness in handling situations
  • Peccadillo: a small mistake or fault that is not regarded as very bad or serious
  • Supercilious: coolly and patronizingly haughty
  • Vacuous: lacking meaning, importance, or substance



One thought on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. Worthy excerpts! You know . . . you made me think (in your comment about reading for enjoyment and not stopping to underline) that part of what’s really fun about audio (and sometimes frustrating) is that there’s no stopping to underline!

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