Alphabetical Anatomy

alphabet body parts

PHONICS: a method of teaching people to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, letter groups, and syllables

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

Daughter is enjoying the Letter of the Day series you are doing in class. She was excited to bring her Daddy Dragon for D day last week.

But then, you unwittingly started something on E day. In an effort to be inclusive you announced that everyone in the class brought something that started with the letter E – their elbows!  Now, Daughter is thinking of anatomical parts for each letter.  She is thrilled to be bringing her nose and her nipples to share this Tuesday.

Please accept this as our blanket apology for anything that comes out of Daughter’s mouth during the remainder of the Letter of the Week series.

Your phonics curriculum is causing us to reconsider our “call it by its proper name” parenting philosophy.  We would appreciate advance warning of V day; we may elect to have a strategic absence.

Again, our apologies.


5 thoughts on “Alphabetical Anatomy

  1. SOO funny! I love this age, when they’re little sponges. My 3 yr old son, has figured out the difference between boys and girls. He has 2 little sisters. And he loves to share his new found knowledge with cashiers, librarians, random people on the sidewalk. ….awesome.

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