Remember Is A Verb

twin towers

Remembrance: something that is done to honor the memory of a person, thing, or event

Today, I will

tell my kids, explicitly,

about the power of kindness.

Today, I will

seek an opportunity

to show courage where it is needed.

Today, I will

look around me and notice

the good, the beautiful, and the lovely.

Today, I will

hug those I love and bask in the privilege

of another day in their presence.

Today, I will

look at the faces I pass and know

that we are more alike than we are different.

Today, I will

breathe deeply and sit with fear and uncertainty

then exhale

and do my best to let it go.


6 thoughts on “Remember Is A Verb

  1. TODAY IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT– Throughout today, I am reminded of the anniversary of Sept 11. I am also reminded of a young girl whose birthday happens to be today, as well. When the attack occurred, she was only 5 years old. Fortunately, she was not directly impacted by the events of that day and today she turns 18, attending her first semester in college. As the years grew on and she grew older, the young girl felt awkward about having a birthday on the same date as this tragic event. While I watched her growing in potential and in stature, I also saw her grow in compassion and love for humanity as she blew out her birthday candles with tears streaming down her face filled with melancholy. It was then that I embraced her with my own loving kindness as a mother, a sister, a friend, a comforter. Today is always important and I am reminded that we are all connected by the “verbs of action” — remembering, loving and reminiscing as we converge toward unity.

  2. “I will…” is related to “I am…” both belong to the family of the most High, the creative force that animates this playground. Both contain immeasurably power to transform and the utilization of either is the source of miracles and the real meaning of conscious co-creation. christopher

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