The Last First

NEW: different from one of the same category that has existed previously

Tomorrow will be another last first for our family.  The last first day of Kindergarten.  

Tomorrow, I will dress Daughter in a skirt decorated with pencils, help her slip her backpack straps over her shoulders, try my best to make her hair cooperate, and beg her to look at the camera and smile naturally. 

I look back on my feelings (and writing) from Son’s first day of Kindergarten and realize that this time feels different. 

There will be plenty of similarities to the last time we did this.  Like her brother’s first walk to school, hers will include an entourage of loving grandparents armed with cameras.  Like her brother’s first day of school outfit, hers will be better coordinated than anything else she will wear all year.  Like her brother, she will walk into Teacher Amy’s class. 

And like her brother, she’s ready. 

The difference is that this time I can see that. 

And that, more than anything else, makes this last first feel completely new.

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