Cadbury Eggs: From Stash To Cash

cadbury egg

STASH: an amount of something that is stored or hidden

CASH: money paid for goods at the time of purchase or delivery

Yesterday morning, my darling children arose and dutifully waited for Husband to get the video camera before diving into their baskets. Son literally stood in freeze-tag form until he heard the “ding” of the record button.

Following the basket unpacking ceremony, Son and Daughter joyfully scampered throughout the house retrieving hidden eggs. It was then that we discovered the Easter Bunny’s first mistake.

Son: “I didn’t find any of the eggs we dyed. What did the Easter Bunny do with those?”

Answer: He hid them in the fridge still in the cartons. Tricky bunny.

Only later did I discover the Easter Bunny’s second mistake.

Me: “Did the Easter Bunny leave any Cadbury Eggs for the grown-ups?”

Answer: No. He did not.

This year, the Easter Bunny forgot to reserve any Cadbury Eggs for the woman of the house and instead included all available eggs in the hunt. This resulted in two happy children and one disappointed wife.

While disappointed not to have any eggs of my own, I was hopeful that the children I am raising – you know, the ones I’ve taught to be kind and generous, aware of the needs of those less fortunate, willing to make sacrifices for the sake of fairness – would gladly share an egg (or two) with their mom.

Me: “Could I please have one of your caramel eggs??

Son: “Sure! You can have any candy you want. I’m selling it for a dollar a piece.”

In case you were wondering…a Cadbury Egg bought twice does indeed taste just as sweet.


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