Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinquain

CINQUAIN: a five line stanza

It’s still poetry month. Cinquain is a fun form to play with. A cinquain poem has five lines with two syllables on the first line, four on the second, six on the third, eight on the fourth and two on the fifth.

I’ve posted a combination of old and new cinquain poems below:

Sharp toys

In the kids’ room

Lying in the darkness

Patiently waiting for a foot

Ouch! $h^t!


Stop it

Stop the beeping

Who bought my kids this toy?

What did I ever do to him?




Needs a sick day

But that is not allowed

So I will rise and pack your lunch

With germs



With one last push

Or a sterile scalpel

Regardless, you end up with a



I said

That two was hard

That was only because

I hadn’t yet met three or four

Oh, my!


You work

Inside the home

I work outside the home

The location doesn’t matter

It’s work


Who said

Mother knows best?

This mother sure doesn’t

Sometimes I don’t even know good



28 thoughts on “Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinquain

  1. I’m particularly in love with the opening stanza. Been there, done that. Particularly when I spent a few months working in a nursery.

    The third stanza just goes to show how much love goes into raising a child.

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