Happy New Year

HAPPY: feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life

We say, “Happy New Year.”  But, then we go and ruin it with resolutions that essentially highlight our unhappiness, or at the very least our dissatisfaction.  We start each new year with resolutions that are about acting different, looking better, or having more.

In my experience, happiness and contentment are closely correlated.  So this year, I’m honoring the first of January by making a list of the things already in my life that will make 2014 a happy year regardless of the number on the scale or the contents of my closets.

A ceramic coffee mug that fits my hands perfectly.

A husband who makes delicious coffee to fill my ceramic mug.

Worn-in jeans that are more comfortable than sweats.

An airplane necklace with a spinning propeller that brings whimsy to any outfit.

Children to fiddle with the propeller.

A job.

An office with a door.


Children’s artwork.

Covert recycling skills.

A husband to kiss.

Books to read.

Children to snuggle.

Adorable rain boots.

A husband to remove the rain boots when they get stuck on whenever I wear them.

An album with Darrell Scott singing Crooked Road.

A car that never complains about my voice when I sing along with Darrell Scott.

Three massage vouchers.

Wendy, the massage therapist I suspect is actually an angel sent from heaven.


Words on paper.

Words on screens.

Words tumbling in my mind only ever known to an audience of one.

A passport.

Local micro-brews.

Inappropriate stories.

Girlfriends to drink micro-brews and share inappropriate stories with.

Flannel sheets.

Wool socks.

A comfortable bra.

A bucket of yarn waiting to be knit.

Running shoes.

Red nail polish.

The truth is, I have more reasons to be happy than I could possibly list.

Today, I’m going to embrace the gluttony of blessings.

Tomorrow, I’ll do the same.

When days of gratitude and contentment turn into weeks and then months, I expect I will look back to find that 2014 was indeed a happy, new year.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I love this and I so appreciate the idea of flipping silly unattainable resolutions on their ear. You’re right. We are all so, very lucky. Thanks for the excellent reminder of what’s important, Kristina.

  2. Yes! I love this! Though I’ll admit I’m attracted to the freshness of a new year as a way of starting new things, or trying to be better. 🙂

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