Better Together

EGGNOG: drink consisting of eggs beaten with sugar, milk or cream

I look forward to this day every year.

For me, this day marks the beginning of autumn, regardless of my calendar’s claims to the contrary.

It isn’t always October 23rd. Last year, it was November 7th While the country was celebrating (or not) Obama’s re-election, I was celebrating the first eggnog latte of the season at my local coffee shop.

Eggnog lattes cross political boundaries. There are no red cups or blue cups. Just warm cups.

Words can be enhanced, or even transformed, by a great pairing.

Sometimes great word pairings are made of two words that are both fine on their own, but become something marvelous when paired together. Like “tender “and “kisses.”

Sometimes an ugly word and a mundane word combine into something magical and electric.  Like when the sordid, harsh word “stolen” meets the commonplace “moment.”

That’s the way I feel about eggnog lattes.

I have no use for eggnog in any other setting. But, mix it with two hot shots of everyday espresso and it is transformed into one of the great pleasures of fall.

Subtle hints of the flavors that will soon be filling pies and baked goods around every turn.  Enough to whet your appetite for the coming holidays but not pushy like Christmas decor crowding out the pumpkin carving supplies on store shelves.

Just enough.  Just right.  Just delicious.


6 thoughts on “Better Together

  1. I’m going to have to try one. I discovered homemade eggnog last Christmas, which is incredible compared to the super-sweet stuff sold in the grocery store. But I can imagine that espresso would cut some of that sweetness nicely…

  2. My fall beverage of choice, I should add, is hot apple cider that I simmer on the stove with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and cardamom pods. Not only does it make me feel happy, but it also fills the house with a heavenly aroma.

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