Birthday Yoga

QUINTESSENCE: the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form

I had an “only in Seattle” moment this afternoon when Son returned home from a yoga-themed birthday party….

[For those of you not living in the urban west coast bubble, please take some time to process that string of words.  It’s okay to laugh.  Continue when you are ready.]

…with the gift bag pictured below.

Goody Bag from Yoga Birthday Party

Yoga Goody Bag

Son was disappointed he couldn’t name all the positions pictured.

Sometimes, in the midst of parenting my hip, urban kids I step back and imagine what my dad’s face would look like if he was in my living room.

My dad is about as far from organic-eating, cloth-bag-carrying, fossil-fuel-reducing, latte-swilling as it comes.

He must be perpetually baffled that the boy who shares his middle name and DNA is so…


well, so Seattle.

Namaste, Dad.



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