Unhappy Endings

BEE: hymenopterous insects with sucking as well as chewing mouthparts that feed on pollen and nectar

Friday night is movie night in our house.  At the end of a long week (as they all seem to be), it is delightful to curl up on the couch for snuggles and screen time.

In preparation for tonight, I went to the public library to select a movie.  The animated film section was picked over so I decided to mix things up with several nonfiction viewing options: bees, owls, whales, and balloon artists.

Son selected the documentary about vanishing bees.

Daughter lost interest early on and decided to go play.  But, Son was very attentive.

He asked me to pause the film periodically to clarify a point or listen to his hypothesis on the root cause of colony collapse.

It was going well…

…until it wasn’t.

As the movie took on the tone and pace of one coming to an end, Son began to sob and asked if they would solve the problem by the end of the movie.

I tried to sell the personal choices we can make to affect change as a solution, but he was less than satisfied.

Representative McDermott, Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell: there is a devastated first grader about to unleash the power of the pencil and public school “best guess spelling” on your office.

Prepare yourselves.


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