Fashion Rules

TIGHTS: a piece of clothing that is worn especially by girls, women, and dancers, that fits closely over the feet, legs, and waist, and that is made of a thicker material than pantyhose


am i wearing pants

When I arrived at Daughter’s daycare to pick her up today, I was baffled.  She was playing happily on the floor, wearing the shirt and sweatshirt I laid out for her last night.  She was also wearing the coordinating headband, tights and boots I’d left out.

But, she was missing her skirt.

I tried to think of accident scenarios that would damage the skirt but not the tights but couldn’t think of any.  I also couldn’t figure out why, if she had damaged her skirt, the teachers hadn’t put her in one of the two sets of extra clothes we keep in her cubby.

I asked her teacher what happened to her skirt.

The teacher responded that Daughter had arrived at school sans skirt.  She graciously added that the school allows kids to wear whatever their parents are comfortable with.  Then she tried hard to keep a neutral face as I was overcome with giggles.

The teacher shared about highlights of Daughter’s day – like the school bus ride to a gym where she frolicked on the gymnastics rings and balance beam – but I couldn’t hear a list of highlights, I could only hear a list of places Daughter had paraded around partially dressed.

As the hiccups started, I stammered that Daughter’s outfit was not intentional and retrieved a pair of emergency pants from the cubby for her to wear on the bus ride home.

To be fair, Husband may have been justifiably confused.  There are a lot of ladies out there wearing tights as pants these days.

Son (age 6) was equally confused when I told him the story:

“Why did she need to be appropriate for the bus?  I see adults dressed inappropriate all the time.  Some adults don’t even wear underwear.”

Oh, geez.

Um, fashion is complicated.

People wear what they feel good in.

But the fashion rules for our family are as follows:

  1. Tights are not pants.
  2. When a pile of clothes is provided for your convenience, you must wear all items in the pile.

tights are not pants


11 thoughts on “Fashion Rules

  1. Iris has pulled this one…and I am a little more flexible on this issue, given the legging trend these days (really what’s the difference aside from the saggy bottom?). Well, one of her preschool teachers promptly told Iris that tights are only to be worn with skirts or dresses. This, while she herself was wearing a pair of not so thick leggings, with a not so long sweater. Kid. Not.

    1. I find myself wondering how many moms shook their head as Husband walked boldly along the downtown sidewalks with Daughter this morning. I’m guessing more than one stranger got a laugh at our expense today. Just spreading the joy…

  2. How cute! I’m sure your daughter can still get away with it but the adults? I see a lot of ladies wearing leggings especially those that have ethnic or geometric prints as pants together with fitted shirts. Weird.

  3. TOOOO funny! Thanks for the laugh. This also cements my overgeneralized standard, “Boys are easier!” SIX items in your Daughter’s clothing pile (not including underpants), THREE in my son’s–pants, shirt, socks. Now I ask you….is my statement really overgeneralized??

    I especially enjoyed the added flow chart. PLEASE for all of us, including your Daughter, let’s make it a hard and fast rule about no tights OR leggings without apporpriate over garment!!

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