Sporadic September

SPORADIC: occurring occasionally, singly, or in irregular or random instances

I’ve been terrible about writing lately.   

It’s not a lack of material.  There was the tearful first day of school for Son.  Daughter’s first pair of “high-heels” (¼ inch is “high” when you are less than four feet tall).   The day I worked so long I lost all ability to form complete sentences.  The housekeeping-by-humiliation techniques I’ve resorted to (inviting friends for dinner when our house is a disaster to ensure it is at least returned to a socially acceptable level of chaos).   With the kids back in school and me working four days a week, there is plenty of blogging fodder. 

It’s not lack of inspiration.  My first deep breath outside each morning – when the air is thick with the beautiful stink of saltwater and its creatures – energizes me.  There is the smell of fall and the promise of eggnog lattes in the air.  Autumn is by far my favorite season.  I love the colors just starting to appear on the edges of leaves, the crisp air touching the parts that emerge from my cozy sweatshirt, and sound of the school bell to track the morning’s progress. 

I think I simply have a need for silence.

With the kids back in school, there are more questions to ask and more stories to be told.  The end of summer and the return to regularly scheduled programming means Husband and I have more logistics to coordinate and an exponential increase in should we/could we discussions about weekend activities, invitations and after school opportunities.  And, one extra work day brings with it significantly more meetings and calls.

At the end of the day – when I have time to sit at my computer and write – I can’t.  

My eyes don’t want to look at a screen.  My ears don’t want to hear the clicking of keyboard keys.  And, my brian doesn’t want to do anything beyond the minimum necessary to maintain essential functions.  

So, I sit on the couch and savor the silence.

A few minutes without questions.

A few minutes without logistics.

A few minutes without decisions.

The minutes pass and before I know it it’s time to sleep so that I can wake up and do it all again.

So, I do.

And, that, my friends is the explanation for my sporadic posting habits this September.  I hope you will check back from time to time.  Let’s agree to see each other more regularly in October, when our stamina has increased and the jarring reality of packing lunches, reviewing homework, tracking sports schedules and reviewing hundreds of emails has become normal again.


2 thoughts on “Sporadic September

    1. I’m glad we’re friends for many reasons, but this year I confess I am most glad to know that there is a pantry somewhere I can raid for home-canned goods. 🙂 I’m “on sabbatical.” Taking a break. Having a Sabbath. All that to say…my pantry sucks this year and I want to visit yours.

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