Unforeseen Consequences

BUNK BED: one of two single beds usually placed one above the other

We had always planned to do it and yesterday, we did.  Our kids’ beds are now bunked.   

There are lots of advantages.  The new bed placement gets them both away from the drafty windows.  And, I got to redecorate a bit.  Redecorating allowed me the opportunity to send the books and toys I loathe to the basement.  And, the half of the room freed up for a dedicated play space turned out really cute and functional.   

But, last night, I realized I can no longer see Son when I peek in for one last look at my sleeping children before bedtime.  Then, this morning, I couldn’t give him a goodbye kiss before I left for work without crawling all the way up the ladder and into the top bunk .  

I’m not ready to part with those mothering joys.

I’m going to need my own step stool.  



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