The First Step Isn’t Always The Hardest

STEP: to move by raising the foot and bringing it down elsewhere or by moving each foot in succession

A journey of a thousand miles

begins with a single step.

That’s true.

But it is also true that it takes thousands of steps

to make a single mile.

It is right to praise the single step that begins the journey

for it takes courage

to shake off the naysayers

and scoff at the common wisdom

that a person, community or idea at rest

tends to stay at rest.

The first step toward a distant goal

is indeed a triumph

of faith over fear

ambition over ambivalence

determination over discouragement.

But we should not behave

as if the single step that begins the journey

is more valuable than a single step taken miles down the road.

For the step taken when feet are weary

and shoulders hunched

is the truly remarkable one.

That is the step that proves

the traveler’s determination


and faith

are still intact

despite miles that seemed to stretch too long

hills that seemed too steep to climb

rocks that left ankles twisted and

brambles that streaked shins with blood.

To take another step

in the midst of pain, boredom or exhaustion

is what sets the dreamer apart from the doer.


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