White Spaces on Our Summer Calendar

Possibility: potential or prospective value

Typically, on the first day of summer vacation I have a plan.  Some years, it’s a detailed calendar filled with play dates and excursions.  Other years, it’s a general list of ideas – story times at local libraries, free museum days, wading pool hours at city parks, kid-friendly hikes, cool science projects, etc.

This year, I have nothing.  Nothing.

The end of the school year snuck up on me.  I’m trying not to panic.  I’m trying to see the blank spaces on our summer calendar as opportunities for the unexpected.  Opportunities to relax.  Opportunities to roam.  Opportunities to say yes to last-minute invitations. 

I am an habitual over-scheduler.  This past weekend is a good example.  I arrived at the office at 5am on Friday to catch up on things I’d missed during my week away, met friends for lunch to celebrate making it through Kindergarten, and finished the day with dinner at my in-laws with relatives from out of town.  By the time we got home at 10pm, I was too tired to do anything except sleep, which made Saturday morning hectic. 

In a moment of ambitious insanity, I’d said yes to a baby shower invitation and Husband’s suggestion that we take the kids on their first backpacking trip.  So, I spent Saturday morning helping Husband gather backpacking supplies, grocery shopping, and putting the final touches on the baby gift (one day, I will learn that knitting a baby blanket stops being fun halfway through).  I went to the charming shower but had to rush out early in order to make it to the trailhead in time to avoid hiking in the dark.  Thanks to the length of northwest summer days, we made it all the way to our destination in daylight.

Sunday morning, I woke early and tried to convince Daughter to do the same.  She did not oblige.  She snored on in her sleeping bag as I dismantled the tent around her.  After breakfast, photos and one last pebble-throwing session in the lake, we hiked back to our car.  Once home, we did an aerobic cleaning of our house to prepare for the guests arriving at 2pm.  I made another trip to the grocery store, Husband BBQ’d dinner, and the kids took a bath.  Somewhere in there, I finished the library book that is due today. 

This morning, my alarm beeped at 5am starting the 28-minute countdown to my bus arriving.

Maybe it’s the exhaustion talking, but I think some white space on our summer calendar may be just what our family needs.


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