Last Day of Kindergarten

WHEW: a whistling sound or a sound like a half-formed whistle uttered as an exclamation — used chiefly to express amazement or relief

He made it. 

Today he will put on his shirt – the one with the seagull wearing a snorkel and flippers – and pants and walk out the door for his last day as a kindergartener. 

He will tie his own shoes.  He will zip his own coat.  Just before leaving, the checklist of essentials will be reviewed: brushed teeth, breakfast, bathroom, backpack. 

His backpack will be filled with the last lunch of the school year.  Today, his lunch will be packed by Husband which means it will be a meat and cheese sandwich, carrots and raisins.  I wish I’d thought to plan something special, but I didn’t. 

When he arrives at school, he will greet and be greeted by friends.  Friends he didn’t know nine months ago.  Friends with parents we’ve come to know and love.

He will enter the classroom with confidence.  He may not notice or care if he is accompanied by a grown-up.  He will put his backpack, snack and homework folder in the appropriate places and read himself the morning message. 

Small miracles. 

Evidence of a year of learning and growing.

He made it.

We made it.



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