TWITTER: to tremble with agitation

Swine are soaring, the devil is wearing his winter coat, and that bump you felt was a piece of cloud.

I joined Twitter. 

At the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference (SBWC), authors and agents spoke about the importance of “building a platform” by tweeting, blogging and using facebook.

I’m not sure typing 140 character observations builds anything except a propensity for dropping pronouns, adverbs and punctuation.    

I have one follower.  I had two, but one left.  

I wish my mom was more tech-savvy.  There is something especially pathetic about writing things your own mother doesn’t read. 

Overall, I find that Twitter – true to Webster’s definition – makes me tremble with agitation.  I have something to say but not enough room to say it.  The character countdown mocks me as I try to type something coherent in the space provided.  Sometimes, 140 characters just aren’t enough. 

The caveman sentences required by Twitter – Me like kids.  They cute. @thestrangerkindenoughtofollowme  – probably feel refined to the teenagers whose other forms of communication are primarily grunts and hand gestures.  But, communicating that way makes me feel like I need to find an animal hide mini skirt and carry a club.

Further complicating matters are the numbers I’ve never heard of before.  Like #lifeinthefastlane.  Is that more or less than twenty?  I was never great at math, but I really sucked at it when letters got involved. 

Nevertheless, I’m blazing new frontiers of social media, doing my part to impersonate the real writers from the conference.  Could you help me out?

  1. Push the follow button on this blog if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Follow @DefineMother on Twitter if you are also a caveman communicator.
  3. Tell your friends and fellow Neanderthals to do the same.

4 thoughts on “@ChickenLittle

  1. Would love to oblige [sp?]. But Twitter is a tech “push back” area for me. Just not gonna go there….. For now anyway.

    Loved this post! One, just one, of the things I like best about your writing…. Your HUMOR!

    How’s the sky in Seattle????

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