The Red House on the Corner

STOOP: a porch, platform, entrance stairway, or small veranda at a house door

The front stoop’s function exceeded its size.  Just forty square feet, it was a port of entry, place of commerce and the site of historic partings.

The brown banister was the step stool to the lower roof.  It provided the boost you needed to make it to the bedroom window when you forgot your key or were returning from an unauthorized midnight excursion.  The stoop didn’t judge.  It sat silently in the shadows offering assistance to those in need.

The red boards were dented with the footprints of salesmen, religious zealots, girl scouts and local elementary students peddling wrapping paper for library books.

The second to last step wiggled from the stomp of angry cowboy boots.  The step eventually rotted from exhaustion – stomped down one too many times as he left for weeks, months, years, forever.

I wonder if the new owners realize that the replaced step is a monument to life going on after loves goes sour.


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