The Kid Missing From the Class Photo

FAINT: to lose consciousness because of a temporary decrease in the blood supply to the brain

Son and school photos go together like asparagus and ice-cream.

Earlier this year, I dressed Son in a button shirt and sweater vest and sent him to school for picture day.  But, when I saw him later in the day, he was wearing his hooded fleece jacket.  I asked if he took his coat off for pictures.  He said, “No.”

When I clarified that he knew that he was supposed to wear his fancy clothes for the picture, he replied somewhat bewildered that he did wear his fancy clothes.  He unzipped his fleece and said, “They are right here!”

At first I was baffled as to how Son could walk past numerous adults and not be asked to remove his coat before posing for his official Kindergarten photo.  But, then I realized that the oversight was understandable.  In Seattle, there is such a thing as “dressy fleece.”  It’s a dress code that falls somewhere below business casual but above errand-friendly yoga pants.  Of course, if anyone had bothered to look closely at the ironed shirt collar peeking out of Son’s coat, it would have been apparent that I wasn’t going for a school photo with a Northwest Cozy vibe.  But, I digress…

After months of looking at the framed photo of Son in a hooded fleece on our mantel, I was thrilled to receive notice of a separate class picture day.  Here was my chance at redemption – or at least my chance for a scrapbook worthy picture of my Kindergartener dressed in a button shirt and sweater vest surrounded by his classmates.

So, I dressed Son up, smoothed his hair and sent him off to school today – with strict instructions not to put his coat on until after pictures.  I thought of everything…

Except the reminder not to lock his knees when standing for a long time.

That gap in the back row?

That was where my kid was standing before he fainted and had to leave school.


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