Husband’s Kryptonite

KRYPTONITE: a person’s weakness

I am a lucky woman.  I am married to a great man.  At home, I affectionately refer to him as Great Husbando.   True to our wedding vows, Husband has remained my constant friend, faithful partner, and adventure buddy.  He is my superhero.

With the birth of our children, Great Husbando seemed to gain another cape.

There in the living room, look!  It’s a jungle gym.  It’s a clown.  It’s Super Daddy!

He’s faster than a ball headed toward the street.  More powerful than a child fueled with piñata spoils and birthday cake.  Able to endure an eleven step bedtime routine. He is truly amazing.

But, he is not without weakness. There is something he can’t conquer:


He has learned to wash it.

He has learned the importance of “tangle juice.”

He can brush and comb it to a level of public respectability.

If he applies himself, he can even accessorize it with a headband.

But, clips, braids or pony tails?

Forget it.  It can’t be done.

It is one of the laws of nature.  Each man must have a flaw.  Even Husband.

And I, his flawless wife, must learn to live with imperfection.


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