For the Highest Bidder

AUCTION: a sale of property to the highest bidder

Next weekend is the auction at Son’s school.  Each class contributes something.  I volunteered to coordinate the project for Son’s kindergarten class.  My goal was to find a project that really could be done by the kids and capture the charm of kindergarten art.  I put the pieces of the project together in the frame this weekend.  I’m pleased with the results:

 auction project

The inspiration for the project came from THIS post.  I loved the idea of making a project where all the kids collaborated on a single image but could still identify their individual contributions.  I tweaked the idea a little by having the kids sign their names on the matting of the frame.  I think the kindergarten handwriting is the best part!  I love the backward letters and the way kids signed in all different sizes and directions.   I also added lyrics in the background from a song the kids sing on Friday mornings: 

We are children of peace.

We are the children of the world.

Listen people everywhere.

Hear our song.

Come and take somebody’s hand.

Sing along.

The choice is ours.

What will we do?

It’s up to me.

It’s up to you.

[We are children of love, hope, friendship, compassion, justice…]


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