My Best Idea

VEG OUT: to spend time idly or passively

I have made some mistakes along the way as a mother.  Like the day I forgot to feed my kids or the time I ignored the grocery cart safety pictures.  But I’ve done other things well.  I’ve treasured little moments.  I’ve listened attentively.  I’ve built up my inquiry stamina and can now routinely make it through five rounds of “why” before I resort to “Because, I said so.”  I’ve soothed fears, bandaged knees and kissed away tears.  I’ve written love notes for lunches, sewed costumes for Halloween and made unique cakes for birthdays.

I’ve had some bad ideas and some good ideas.

My worst idea?  The time I tried to save money by booking a hostel instead of a hotel.  My mistake was obvious as we stood holding our six-month-old baby in the lobby while the desk clerk gave us our free drink coupons and joyfully announced that the band would start at nine o’clock.

My best idea?  Movie Night.  Each Friday I celebrate my brilliance.

Come Friday, I’m exhausted.  Fried.  Weary.  Unable to form complete sentences.

As I sit trying desperately to tie up all the loose ends from the week, fueled by three cups of what seems to have been decaf coffee, I am comforted by the thought that I have an easy evening ahead of me.  My kids will perceive we are doing something special while I put my feet up, close my eyes and enjoy ninety minutes of semi-comatose snuggles.  No math questions.  No human anatomy observations.  No discussions about death.



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