Pinterest: A fit of insanity or a bright idea?

BRAINSTORM: a violent transient fit of insanity; a sudden bright idea

I have come around on Facebook.   For me, the joy of seeing friend’s children grow even though we are in different cities and states, reading witty observations and commentary on happenings both big and little, and receiving birthday reminders outweighs the downside of oversimplified political opinions, updates on internet game accomplishments, more information than I wanted about my friend’s personal soundtrack selections, and suspicious claims that my friends all like the same brand of cowboy boot. 

I have come around on smartphones.  The ability to catch up on email and listen to NPR on my early morning bus rides and answer “what time is it” for myself instead of relying on strangers outweighs the misunderstandings caused by my chubby thumbs.

So, I tried to be open-minded when friends told me I just HAD to check out Pinterest.  I approached it cautiously optimistic.  And, we’ve had some good moments.  With the help of Pinterest, I executed a charming Wild Kratts party for Son where I plagiarized the creativity of other mothers and passed it off as my own.  And, Pinterest gave me several ideas for the Valentine’s themed lunch I sent to school with Son today:


But, on balance, I find Pinterest to be less of a supportive brainstorming partner and more of a nagging voice telling me that my children should be playing with homemade play-dough while I create original subway art with encouraging platitudes to hang on the earth tone walls of my spotless home filled with the smell of no-knead bread and roasted root vegetables from my tidy organic garden.  

What’s your verdict on Pinterest?  More pleasure than pain? 



9 thoughts on “Pinterest: A fit of insanity or a bright idea?

  1. Pinterest is redundant as far as I am concerned. I checked it out but it seems like all the good stuff that I really care about seeing is on Facebook and WordPress. BTW, I recently gave in and got a smartphone, too. Glad I did. 🙂

    1. I think the idea of a place to “hold” all your ideas on a particular topic (kitchen remodel, christmas gifts, etc) is a good one in theory, but I nearly always walk away feeling inadequate rather than inspired or empowered.

  2. I’m with you. Whenever I go on Pinterest I feel like I’m such a failure at being a mom. I don’t make my kids adorable looking food, mostly because I am incapable if symmetrical cutting, but also because they shouldn’t eat something because its cute, they should eat it because they’re hungry. It could be a rationalization though.

      1. They sure are! But I don’t think I can convince my preschooler to eat tomatoes regardless of their cuteness. These days I just stick to pasta and breaded fried protein 🙂

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