2013 – More or Less

RESOLUTE: marked by firm determination, bold, steady

According to Forbes, 40-percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions but only 8-percent keep them.  Perhaps, like my father, the other 32-percent of resolution makers believe the primary purpose of a New Year’s resolution is to have something to give up for Lent.

I’m not making the measurable resolutions recommended by the experts because I’ve had little (read: no) success with the “I will do X at least Y times per week” brand of resolutions in the past.  In previous years, the baby and the bath water sailed quickly out the window after my first failure. I’m hoping the sliding scale of Less X and More Y will help me be patient with myself and extend grace when it is needed.  After all, if I fail temporarily I can compensate and tip the scales back into the “less” or “more” category.

In 2013, I hope to defy the odds (and family values) and manage to live a year with:

Less Eating and More Exercise

(Weight loss by any other name is still as hard)

Less Partial and More Complete

(Close cousin to procrastinate less, do more)

Less TV and More Books

(They make trashy, brainless books, right?!)

Less Quantity and More Quality

 (Ditch socks with holes, frumpy sweaters, and stained dish cloths)

Less Purchased and More Created

(Make bread, cards and gifts)

2 thoughts on “2013 – More or Less

  1. Sound like good resolutions to me. Might be joining you in all of those. Some seem especially pertinent with my wedding 13 weeks on Saturday, still got a little weight to shift and lots to do. Going for homemade decorations and a less is more approach to some aspects, e.g flowers.

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