Will it be foggy?

CARROT: a biennial herb with a usually orange spindle-shaped edible root

We have a couple of special plates that come out on Christmas Eve.  One says “Cookies for Santa” and the other “Carrots for Reindeer.”  Here is a transcript of my conversation with Son about the carrot plate:

Son: Mom, did you remember to buy carrots at the store?

Me: Yes, we have carrots.

Son: Do you have nine?

Me: I think so.

Son: Wait.  Is it going to be foggy tonight?

Mom: I’m not sure.

Son: Maybe we’ll only need eight carrots.  But, we should leave an extra in case Rudolph is there too.

Me: Good idea.

Son: But, what if Rudolph isn’t there?  It wouldn’t be fair for one reindeer to get two carrots if all the others only get one.

Me: Maybe Santa will eat it as a healthy snack.

Son: Let’s leave a note so that Santa knows there is only one carrot per reindeer and if there is an extra he should leave it on the plate or eat it himself.


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