Infidelity and Other Holiday Themes

INFIDELITY: unfaithfulness to a moral obligation; disloyalty; marital unfaithfulness or an instance of it

Recently, we attended Daughter’s preschool Christmas show.  Son, Husband and I watched as various classes performed a mix of secular and religious carols.  One of the older classes performed I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.  Son leaned over to ask what the kids were singing about and I told him the lyrics.

His face darkened and he asked in an accusing voice, “Do YOU do that?!?!”

I responded, “No, I only kiss Daddy” to Son’s visible relief.

4 thoughts on “Infidelity and Other Holiday Themes

  1. I wouldn’t kiss Santa either….unless the big bag was filled with small, used and unmarked bills (like money). They have some really great antibiotics now!

    My machine is in trouble, but I will return. Right now I am at the Library. There is trouble with Wi-Fi among other issues. I understand that ‘Wizards’ live in the machine. Well there is a Wizard name of ‘Willie’ at the Library and I am going to ask him to try and tune it up!


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