Dear Teacher


Dear Teacher,

Husband is dropping Son off at school today and I confess I’m relieved.  I’m not sure I could have dropped him off like it was just another day.   I know the odds are wildly in his favor that today he will be safe like all the other days before.  But still, I am anxious and tearful today.

Life hasn’t changed – I have simply been reminded that I control so little. 

My office and the school are the same distance apart, but I feel farther away.    

Your job hasn’t changed but today I am keenly aware of the burden you carry.  Twenty six children are placed into your capable hands each weekday.  You guide and protect what is most dear to me.  And you do the same for twenty six other families. 

I don’t know how I missed it before now.  I knew I was trusting you with Son’s heart and mind but Friday was a reminder that I am trusting you with his life. 

I have a feeling you have always known that.  That is why your eyes are always counting.  That is why you practice lockdown drills and safety plans.  That is why you teach him about safe and unsafe touches. You have always known the burden you carry.  I am just now realizing.

And, as I think about what it is you do every day I am struck with deep gratitude.  You wake up each morning prepared to teach eager minds, guide fidgety hands, soothe tender hearts and protect precious lives. 

Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. 


11 thoughts on “Dear Teacher

  1. Did you send this to her, Kristina? I sent a letter to Madeline’s teacher and principal on Friday. They all need to hear from us how much we are grateful for them.

  2. There was a tear in my eye, but deep appreciation in my heart after reading this.
    Thank you, again, for opening my eyes and letting me into your life.
    Much love and gratitude for being part of your family.

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