Date Night at the Toy Store

STAYCATION: a vacation spent at home or nearby

Husband and I try to get away without the kids once a quarter.  Sometimes we go to Portland, Oregon for the weekend; sometimes to Vancouver, B.C.  For our summer quarter getaway, we backpacked into Enchanted Valley.  Sometimes we ship the kids off and just stay home.  That’s what we did this weekend.

Papa and Nonna wanted to take Son and Daughter to Disney on Ice on Saturday and offered to extend the event into a sleepover.  We enthusiastically accepted the offer.  I’ve written about my winning in-law lottery ticket before and it’s no less true today: I have awesome in-laws.

Now, I know the experts discourage spending date night talking about kids, but I disagree.  Sometimes, having the chance to check-in with Husband about how we think the kids are doing is the most helpful and supportive thing we can do.  Our days get hectic and the chance to talk (uninterrupted!) about what is working well and what isn’t, strategies for upcoming school vacation childcare coverage, and gift ideas for upcoming birthdays and holidays is precious.   Admittedly, not romantic.  But still important.

In the end, we had a relatively practical weekend.  We shopped for work clothes Husband needed and visited the toy store to purchase a birthday gift for Son.  I made “creature power suits” for Son’s upcoming Wild Kratts birthday party, did the laundry and reviewed some work for a client.  Husband updated Quicken and did some genealogy research.

But, we also fit in a fancy dinner at a local restaurant, a movie (in the theater!), breakfast in a not particularly child friendly restaurant, and a leisurely coffee in a coffee shop.  We slept uninterrupted and didn’t get out of bed until we were ready.

Yes, we talked about our kids.  We even shopped for and made things for them.

But, we didn’t see them.  We weren’t responsible for tying shoes, wiping noses, enforcing Halloween candy restrictions, mediating sibling disputes, or adhering to standard meal schedules.  It was lovely.

I deem it a staycation success.


10 thoughts on “Date Night at the Toy Store

    1. I recommend it. I find that making a significant dent in our “to do” list can energize me. Sometimes the mental energy of running through the list of things I have failed to do takes more energy than just plowing through and doing them. This weekend was a nice mix of relaxing and accomplishing. I feel renewed and ready for Monday.

  1. Sounds delightful and lovely!!!! My mom (Nana) is currently staying with us through Jan. so I hope to have an overnight away. We haven’t been even a fourth as diligent on getting away for overnights or even just date nights! 😦

  2. Isn’t it funny, the times my husband and I get away we also go shopping! I, especially enjoy shopping in peace! (Our anniversary is in October and we always spend that weekend at a nice little retreat and spend the days Christmas shopping at the factory outlet stores!)

  3. Interesting to see how things are done in other families. My husband and I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. My husband suggested a vacation in December and I keep debating whether it wouldn’t just be easier to make it a staycation. It seems like more effort would be put into packing everything, staying in a single room where one would inevitably wake up the other etc. than just staying home. Of course we would still have the kids which would basically make this a Stay. 🙂

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