Who wore it best?

COSTUME: an outfit worn to create the appearance characteristic of a particular period, person, place, or thing

Daughter’s Halloween costume this year was all the things I think make a costume great.

Child directed.  Daughter’s favorite color is orange.  I’m embracing orange because it gets us beyond the pepto-bismol color palette all too common in girl toys and clothes.  Combine her love of all things orange with her love of Dr. Suess and she had a costume idea.   Well, the original costume request was technically for a Lorax mustache, barbaloot legs, and once-ler arms.  So, her costume was child-directed with a side of parent re-direction.

Semi Homemade.  I love the idea of homemade costumes but they are a lot of work.  I find that I excel at semi homemade.  I like costumes that are a bit cobbled together with an item or two made by hand.  It is more fun than a straight-from-the-box costume package and results in something unique without the need for late nights at the sewing machine.  This costume was the perfect blend of easy store purchases and homemade accents.

Cheap.  Orange shirt and pants – straight from the dresser drawer.  Orange hoodie – online purchase that will be worn until she outgrows it.  Rave boot covers the size of preschooler legs: $8 at Goodwill.  Mustache – Cheap craft store feather boa glued onto popsicle sick from Son’s invention box and adhered with elastic from same box.

Face-Obscuring.  Admittedly, not a feature I thought about until I had a blog but the fact that the costume is face-obscuring enough that I feel like I can share it on the internet with strangers is a bonus.





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