Blogging is bad for friendships

BLOG: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

I’m coming to the conclusion that blogging is bad for friendships.

Many of the moms I used to see regularly when our kids attended the same school have faded from my daily life now that our kids are at different schools.  Now, we only see each other on random errands around town, strolling at the farmer’s market or on the soccer sidelines.

I miss them.

But, I don’t think they miss me.

When I see them, they mention that they have been reading my blog.  I love that.  BUT, it’s one-sided.  They know things little and big about my life these days, but I know very little about theirs.  I miss hearing about their new restaurant discoveries, cute kid anecdotes, “seriously, it’s only 11am?!” moments, etc.

To those of you who know my real name, I say this: call me.  Let’s chat.  Walk.  Drink.  Prank call strangers.  Backfloat.  I don’t care what we do, but I want to see you and have a chance to hear about YOU.  Not that we’re keeping score, but if we were you would owe me roughly 168 stories, observations and/or updates.

Now, please excuse me while I wait by the phone…


5 thoughts on “Blogging is bad for friendships

  1. Dear Wanda, You are right about how the ‘machine’ can all but alienate us from our friends. I think the computer will (and maybe already has) change US more than even TV. For better or worse is the question. Phillip

  2. I completely agree. I also get frustrated when I run into acquaintances and they think they know the happenings and details of my life because they read my lame blog. No, I only share snippets and piecing together incidents and filling in the details yourself does not accurately reflect current happenings. And then I feel really narcissistic.

  3. The Internet definitely has it’s pros and cons. I think my blog has actually had the opposite effect on my relationships (for the most part). It’s encouraged others to start their own blogging journey and allows me to be equally stalk-y. 😉

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