Feeling Saucy

SAUCY: served with or having the consistency of sauce; impertinently bold and impudent; amusingly forward and flippant; smart, trim

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away then the doctor should be far, far away from me!

Today, I canned approximately eighty pounds of applesauce.  Unfortunately for my tired feet, that was only half of the apples I purchased.  Fortunately for my hectic week, apples are relatively forgiving as far as timing goes.  They should stay fresh on our porch until I have time to get to the remaining four boxes.

Inspired by my friend Lesley’s post, I tried two of the top-rated sauce apples according to an America’s Test Kitchen article I cut out years ago: Jonagolds and Jonathans.  I’m doing several batches (solo Jonagolds, solo Jonathans, and a mixture of both) to determine a taste-test winner.

I like doing my own applesauce for several reasons.  I like that I can make it without any added sugar to maintain some of the fun tart flavor from the apples.  I like that I can select the food mill disk with larger holes to get a rustic textured sauce rather than the super fine consistency of store-bought sauce.  I like that it is a simple process.  Not fast, but simple:  Peel and core apples, put in pot, add a little water and lemon juice, turn on heat, stir and wait, crank through food mill, put in jars, and boil.

One of the bright spots in my day today was a visit from my canning friend.  Having company in the kitchen that makes everything better.  There are the obvious benefits of a speedier process when there are four hands instead of two. But in addition to appealing to my love of all things efficient, communal cooking also appeals to my inner pioneer woman.  I like working with another woman to put up stores for our families.  Knowing that some of our applesauce would be consumed by my friend’s soon-to-arrive baby made the whole process even more meaningful.

Another bright spot in my day was the dinner invite we received from the parents of one of Son’s new school friends.  After spending all day in the kitchen, I was relieved to get out of cooking dinner.  It was especially delightful to discover that we were about to be treated to the most delicious food we’d had in quite some time: Crab cakes, beet salad with nut butter, orzo with lemon, kale salad, etc.  Great food and even better company made for a perfect end to the weekend.

Finally, there are the little bright spots that keep coming from the kitchen in the form of “pops.”  There are few sounds I like more than the sound of a canning jar sealing properly.

It is auditory confirmation of a job well done.


One thought on “Feeling Saucy

  1. Quince is added to apple sauce in Europe. I have used quince a few times and it is quite good. It should be cooked a bit by itself before cooking the apples as it is quite hard. Use a sharp knife with a sturdy blade and be careful. The ‘Quince’ was the ‘Golden Apple’ of Greek Mythology. Nice big, golden ones, but I have used old little shriveled ones to the same effect. I think a Quince will last a long time in the vegetable drawer. Phillip

    PS. Not too much quince; just enough to taste in the apple sauce.

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