“Crafty” in the glue and scissors sense of the word (I think)

CRAFTY: skillful, clever, adept in the use of subtlety and cunning, marked by subtlety and guile

Some friends jokingly call me “Martha.”  I think it’s because I’m crafty in the glue and scissors sense of the word, not the insider trading sense of the word…but perhaps I should ask them to clarify.

For my part, I think my “Martha” reputation is a bit overblown.  I go to excess a couple of times a year and those memories seem to stick with people.

For example, each December I make cookies.  LOTS of cookies:

We deliver those cookies to special people in our lives.  Coworkers, preschool families, neighbors, our children’s librarian, and our favorite grocery store checker (Son likes the one with the magenta hair and nose piercing).  But, it’s not as if I whip up thousands of cookies each week.  It’s an annual affair; two days out of 365.  Less than 1% of the year.

Each fall, I can hundreds of pounds of produce:

But, it only takes about seven days (roughly 2%) of the year.

Sometimes I get carried away making school lunches.  I like to make my own cards because I can’t justify spending $3.50 on a Hallmark card that doesn’t say what I want it to.  I think baked goods make just about any meeting better.  And, if given my choice I’d rather make a Halloween costume than buy it.

Based on my calculations, baking and crafts make up about 5% of my year.  It’s funny to me that 5% is enough to get a reputation.  I spend more than 5% of my time looking for my car keys.  But, nobody has ever introduced me as their “friend who can’t keep track of her keys.”


4 thoughts on ““Crafty” in the glue and scissors sense of the word (I think)

  1. I would love to hear more about the canning because that is positively awesome! I would love to do something like that, but I have no idea where to even start….

    1. Here are some canning-related posts I think you might like:




      You may also like my friend Lesley’s blog. She includes recipes from her canning. Here are a few posts to get you started:



      Generally, I recommend finding a friend who cans and asking to help. One time through will take a lot of the mystery out of it and help you to realize just how simple it is. For a first project, I recommend mustard. It seems impressive, but is actually really fast (and makes great gifts). The most basic of canning books is by Ball – the company that makes jars and lids. It’s a good first step but you’ll be buying other books once you want to get fancy.

      1. Wow, thank you so much for all of the info! I’ll be sure to check it out soon…when I have a little time to give it the proper attention:)

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