The Bee Need Not Have Stripes

LUNCH: : a usually light meal, especially one taken in the middle of the day

I was proud of the lunch I made for Son today.

We have these cool Ziploc containers with three compartments.  They are the equivalent of a reusable “Lunchable.”  I’ve been making an effort to provide healthy and interesting lunches for Son.  Today’s lunch looked like this:


A peanut butter and jelly sandwich was the main event.  It was decorated with tulip-shaped salami with a string cheese stem and spinach leaves.  I found some gummy butterflies in our local grocery bulk section and had one pollinating the flower.  In another compartment, I had his treat: chocolate “mud” pudding, graham cracker dirt and a gummy worm.  I rounded things out with a compartment full of carrots.  I felt like a good mother.

Here is the diagram I received from Son this evening:

Turns out he has a few ideas on how to improve the garden-themed lunch I made today.  First, a square-shaped cut-out from the top bread layer of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  That cut-out should be filled with chocolate “mud” pudding and a gummy worm munching on a spinach leaf.  Some fallen flower petals should be provided to make the scene more realistic.  More pollinators should be included.  A bee was specifically recommended (though Son graciously conceded that the bee need not have stripes as pictured).

So close….but never quite good enough.

Looks like Son will be packing his own lunch tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “The Bee Need Not Have Stripes

    1. I’m not a bento box mama by any stretch, but I can make a great silly face on top of a sandwich using olives and cucumbers. I actually find making something silly or fun takes some of the drudgery out of packing lunches (though significantly cuts down my “don’t play with your food” authority).

  1. Well no WONDER my girls don’t eat the lunches we give them, if this is what the other kids are getting. Although – doesn’t the, mm, integrity of that layout require that the container stay horizontal and undisturbed until lunch? Mine treat their lunchboxes like pompon/soccerball/indestructobag combos; this wouldn’t work for them.

    Anyway – very cool!

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