Listen Up PBS

CHORES: the regular or daily light work of a household, routine tasks or jobs, difficult or disagreeable tasks

Dear PBS,

I see that you are having a pledge drive.

In years past, I have given joyfully in response to the services I have received.  You provided me a chance to shower when my children were young and for that you will always have my gratitude.  But this year, my check comes with some strings attached.

My kids are getting old enough for chores and I’m in need of some help around the house.  But, it’s hard to sell “with age comes responsibility” to children.  I could use your assistance marketing chores as a normal part of life and childhood.  Please talk to your writers and suggest more chore-oriented story segments:

  • Oscar could sort out recycling.
  • Elmo could wash the crayon markings off the walls and furniture.
  • The Kratts brothers could wash the laundry from their frequent power suit changes.

I’ve got a check with your name on it stamped and waiting.  I’ll put it in the mail the moment I see Emily Elizabeth joyfully shoveling a Clifford-sized pile of steaming poop.

Sincerely yours,

Defining Motherhood

3 thoughts on “Listen Up PBS

  1. Great post! I can’t believe in all the years of Sesame Street episodes about various behaviours meant to make a generation of watchers responsible, kind and all-around wonderful (to say nothing of BILINGUAL!) human beings, they have neglected to cover off CHORES! What an oversight! I’m with you on waiting to put that cheque in the mail…although I really do empathize with Clifford’s little girl owner (does she have a name??!). That kid is in up to her eyeballs…

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