Iron Mommy

GRUELING: trying or taxing to the point of exhaustion

Ironman Triathlons involve swimming (2.4 miles), biking (112 miles) and running (26.2 miles) without a break.  Grueling, right?  Well, that’s nothing.

Yesterday, I did the Iron Mommy.

It involved Target (school supplies and fist day of school clothes for Daughter), Bed Bath & Beyond (miscellaneous kitchen gadgets), Macy’s (search for first day of school worthy boy clothes), Costco (there is no way I’m going to confess to everything in my cart), Office Max (remaining school supplies), and Big 5 (soccer gear for Son).

I was well within the 17-hour Ironman limit.  In fact, I finished in just under five hours.

I am an athlete!

I am a conqueror of to-do lists!

I am a wonder of endurance and efficiency!

OUCH!  I think I just pulled a muscle patting myself on the back.

Oh, great.  Now I need to run to the drug store.


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