Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flotation

SWIM: to propel oneself in water by natural means (as movements of the limbs, fins, or tail)

Last week, my nephew stayed with us while he attended fencing camp.  My nephew is playful and kind and my kids enjoyed every minute with their cousin.

One of the nights he was visiting, we went to a neighborhood pool.  My nephew is on the swim team in his small town and impressed us all with his skills – not least the lifeguard who made him do a swim test before going down the water slide.  Did you know that nine-year-olds can do the butterfly?  I didn’t.

Until that night, Son’s pinnacle swimming achievement was propelling himself a few feet forward with the classic no-way-is-my-face-going-in-the-water dog paddle. This is the kid I enrolled in swim lessons at six months old (with all the other crazy first-time mommies) and have continued sending to lessons for the past five years.  Rough calculations reveal a depressing amount of money spent on splash time in an oversized public bathtub.

Five minutes after watching his cousin swim a few lengths of the pool, Son put his full face in the water and did the crawl stroke.   By the end of the night, Son was going face-first down the water slide and requesting that I let him go under water before I caught him.

I want to give full credit to my nephew, but just can’t stomach the idea of so much money wasted when the solution was that simple.

So, I’m going to think of it like a difficult to open pickle jar.  The reason Husband makes it look so easy to get the lid off is because I loosened it.


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