The Week Ahead

BLISTER: an elevation of the epidermis containing watery liquid

Each week, we review our calendar and then list our main events on a white board in our kitchen.  Generally, this is Husband’s job.  Every now and then, he puts something silly on the board to see if I’m paying attention.  This week he outdid himself.  Here are the “Main Events” of the week ahead as posted on our white board:


Son’s kindergarten playdate

Husband’s coach’s meeting

Mom leaves for backpacking


Daughter’s swimming lesson

Mom starts backpacking


Kids to Papa & Nonna’s house

Mom’s blisters start to hurt


Kids return

Mom thinks “Not another day of hiking!”  Blisters are huge


Mom vows NEVER again!

Why would Husband allow this? It’s his job to stop the crazy.

Mom tries to climb into brother’s pack.


Mom returns safe, sound and happy to be home!

Husband and children rejoice!


There you have it.  I’ll be back next week…blistered but happy.


4 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

    1. He’s a funny one. I thought it was strange that he kept asking me to take a look a the weekly schedule…but I thought with me gone he might just want a second set of eyes to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks while I was away. Should’ve known!

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