Diverging Roads

DIVERGE: to move or extend in different directions from a common point, draw apart, to become or be different in character or form

Frost saw two roads diverge

in his yellow woods.

In my experience,

things are rarely so simple.

Life’s intersections are crowded.

Paths are rarely marked

with destinations and mileage.

The less traveled ways are lonely and overgrown.

They can be hard to see

unless you look closely

at the spaces between the brambles.

Adjacent paths that seem to head

the same direction

can end in vastly different vistas.

It only takes a few degrees difference in course at the onset

to result in great separation

after years of travel.

Seemingly small choices:

alone or together

today or tomorrow

speak or bite tongue

intervene or look away

full disclosure or embellishment

are turns.

If someday I wander Frost’s yellow wood

and am forced to choose between two diverging paths

I will savor the simplicity of that moment.


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