Canning Season is Here!

JAM: a food made by boiling fruit and sugar to a thick consistency

I bought a couple of flats of strawberries and blueberries at our neighborhood farmer’s market Sunday with grand plans of whipping out a few batches of jam that afternoon.  A birthday party for Son’s friend and dinner invite provided pleasant – but significant – distraction and delay.  The canner was finally stocked and boiling with the first batch at 10 p.m. last night.

A late night and early morning combined to yield the following before I left for work this morning:

Sunshine juice concentrate (made with rhubarb from our garden)

Strawberry lemonade concentrate

Strawberry rhubarb jam

Strawberry jam

Blueberry apple jam

Our corner produce market has a special running on local raspberries.  I hope to pick some up on my way home to mix with my remaining blueberries for a mixed berry jam and a raspberry-orange jam.

With two kids in the house, we use a LOT of jam.  We ran out this year and I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

My favorite jam is Martha’s (she’s first name only like Madonna, right?) Blackberry Bay Leaf.  I pick my berries on an abandoned property near the railroad tracks that run from downtown Seattle to our neighborhood.  I’m reasonably certain that at least one dead body is lurking in the brambles, but that is the reality of urban foraging.  Alas, the blackberries aren’t ready yet.  So, I’ll continue to amuse myself with preserving the earlier berries until the precious free-for-the-fearless fruit is ready.



3 thoughts on “Canning Season is Here!

  1. I bow at your productive feet…I haven’t even done my usual strawberry or raspberry freezer jams yet this year. It’s looking doubtful…

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