More Money, More Problems

COINS: usually flat pieces of metal issued by governmental authority as money

Periodically, we empty Son and Daughter’s piggy banks and roll the coins. The dumping and sorting is an activity they enjoy and Son in particular likes to know how much money he has rolled up. However, depositing the coin rolls has been a challenge. Our credit union does lots of things well but there is not a convenient location to make a deposit with a human. The machine that is capable of scanning checks and sucking in paper money does not accept rolled coins.

So, Husband made a special trip to the human deposit option thirty minutes away yesterday. In preparation for this voyage, we dumped all the coins out of the pigs and sorted them. Then we stacked them by tens and slid the appropriate number of stacks into each paper sleeve. We added the new coin rolls to the others we had from a few months ago. Grand total $150.

I’m getting a piggy bank.

Husband explained to Son and Daughter that they were going to deposit the money into their bank accounts where it would grow while the bank stored it. Son’s response:

“That’s great! More money means more buying. More buying means more toys. More toys means more fun!”

Okay, so he didn’t actually say “Money = Happiness” but he came frighteningly close.


2 thoughts on “More Money, More Problems

  1. Money may not equal happiness, but having no money can equal severe discomfort. Like sleeping in your car. That said, it’s about time to empty out my swine. “The Pig” has saved the day more than once and it DOES promote good habits about saving. I think so and I am probably right by consensus. However, I would bet that those in the 1% think that the pig bank is asinine and just a sad convention of those with less. The 1% will be sorry when their bank statements show up in negative territory and they don’t have the “PIG”. “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!” ( Ganhdi ?)


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