Who’s the Parent in This House?

CHART: a sheet giving information in tabular form; graph; diagram; a sheet of paper ruled and graduated for use in a recording instrument  

Son is on a role with drawings that catch me off guard.  The vast majority of Son’s art is animal-centric.  Like this sketch:

Or this one:

But every once in a while, I assume he’s sketching animals when he’s actually working on a completely different project (like yesterday’s sign banning gifts from his sister).  Here’s one of his recent projects that caught me off guard:

When I asked, he explained that he made a chart for his sister.  The B is for bedtime; the N for nap time.  The chart will track how many days in a row she wakes up with a dry Pull-Up.  Son announced that seven days in a row will earn her the right to sleep in her underwear.

I’m torn between letting him take over parenting and reminding him that he’s five.


7 thoughts on “Who’s the Parent in This House?

  1. My 4 year old daughter has a 12 year old father. It works out relatively well until the 12 year old father and the 45 year old father find they have different parenting styles.

    1. Ha! I didn’t think about the potential conflicts in parenting styles. I could see that being a great tongue-in-cheek magazine article: “How to Reconcile Different Parenting Styles…with your Oldest Child”

  2. I love this creativity! And Son is obviously using parenting methods you have shown him to be effective and appealing. The chart is motivating-does he provide stickers for Daughter to apply each successful day? Certainly I would not remind this kid that he’s 5! As you said, he’s on a roll-wait and see where it takes him! And out of curiosity, does Daughter appreciate Son’s efforts?

  3. This is fantastic – I say see where it goes! I have noticed my words coming out of our five year old’s mouth to the three year old and wonder the same thing sometimes… helpful, sure, but…”how far do we take this?”

  4. Wow :O You have both a budding artist and an creative problem-solver there. I’m impressed. I could barely talk my little one into drawing anything at age 5. He’s 7 now and he still barely draws that well.

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