Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

BAN: to prohibit the use, performance, or distribution of

Daughter is on a gift-giving spree.  Most of the gifts are drawings that are then “wrapped” (read: crumpled into a ball).  Son responded with exclamations of “Oh, thank you!” and “Is it my birthday?” to the first few rounds of gifts.  But, his enthusiasm was clearly waning as the gifts piled up.  After about five rounds, Son grabbed the pens and paper to draw a picture of his own.  I thought he was reciprocating the kindness.  I was wrong.  He was drawing a sign banning additional sister gifts:





8 thoughts on “Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

  1. When a person offers a gift and it appears that they really do mean to give you a “no strings” gift. TAKE IT. To reject the “gift” can feel like a personal rejection to the giver. Certainly a little serious thought about the “gift” is in order before turning it down “just because”. Also, maybe the person giving the gift REALLY NEEDS the acceptance of the gift on some deeper layer that you are not personally privy to. Perhaps the giver feels trashed by his/her species and the validation of you accepting a simple gift is more important than you will ever know.


    PS Attached strings (if any) can be unraveled at a later date; carefully and one at a time.

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