My Irish Blessing

PRAY: entreat; implore; to make a request in a humble manner; to address God with adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving

As you sleep my mind ponders

What lies ahead, what roads you’ll wander

The gifts you’ll have to use or squander

The great adventures waiting yonder

Right now your days are filled with play

If only life remained that way

I know that there will come a day

When it’s time for you to move away

The big world is waiting outside your door

For you to embrace it and seek the purpose that’s yours

It’s a world with imperfections, sickness, greed, and wars,

It needs those with hearts for peace to help heal damaged shores

As you sleep upon my shoulder lost in peaceful rest

I am overwhelmed by a mother’s urge to shelter and protect

But I know the time is coming when I must send you on your quest

And pray the wind is at your back and that you are richly blessed

I want to hide you from life’s harms

Free from fear, pain, grief, alarm

Surrounded by a life of charm

Held forever in loving arms

But I know that’s not the way life goes

Enjoying the highs without the lows

Instead you must endure life’s woes

For those are the soils in which one’s character grows

For now I’ll lay you in your bed

With a tender touch and a blanket spread

My lips leave a kiss on your precious head

And then whisper a prayer for the road you’ll tread

I pray you’ll walk with a passion that does not cease

And that the path you choose to follow will make your joy increase

I pray most hills are gentle and that you find moments of sweet release

I pray your path will have few boulders of strife and many lush meadows of peace


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